All screenshots are from the Windows Version and show examples of working on the three levels:

A general overview

CH10 debugging functions

Inspection of general CH 10 packet properties

Inspection of a CH10 packet in hex

The packet list after having read a really corrupted file

An XML definition to create an aritficial CH10 file

Show live activity on channels

Protocol analysis functions

Protocol information contained in a MIL-STD 1553B packet

A summary of MIL-STD 1553B messages of the whole file

Graphical display of an analog packet

Live display of ARINC 429 raw data

Parameter analysis functions

Selection of parameters for further processing

Tabular display of measurements of some parameters.

Graph display of measurements of some parameters.

Display and on screen replay of some NMEA 0183 data

Live graph of a parameter

An instrument panel with some gauges

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