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MBS Electronic Systems

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GSS100r uses avionic interface modules from MBS to stay platform independent. The SW is also sold through MBS sales.

MBS invented a series of avionic interface modules based on the so called AESyBus technology. The modules are connected via a gigabit Ethernet connection to the host computer. The advantage of this solution is that the software created for the modules is platform independent because almost all systems offer Ethernet support. Also Ethernet is a stable standard that can be expected to still exist when other standards are already obsolete. The modules are therefore extremely useful for projects that are expecting a long maintenance time.

You can find out more about MBS on their website.

GSS Avionics

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Data Bus Tools is cooperating with GSS in the area of software development.

GSS is developing avionic interface modules that are connected to the host computer via Ethernet. They are also developing data bus analyzer software. They have experiences with many different data buses especially in the Mil1553, STANAG3910 and EFEx area.

GSS and Data Bus Tools are cooperating in the development of GSS100r and customized tools based on this. It incorporates existing well-proven GSS base technology and usability and follows the Data Bus Tools objective of platform independency, obsolescence reduction and integration with other tools.

You can find out more about GSS Avionics on their website.

TSCC - Telemetering Standards Coordination Committee

The TSCC is a committee of government and industry organizations that provides input to the RCC (Range comanders council), i.e. the IRIG 106 standards body. The TSCC is the place where upcoming changes in the IRIG 106 standard are discussed before they are formally agreed upon by the RCC.

Data Bus Tools collaborates in the Recorder Reproducer subcommittee by providing proposals to open requests, reviewing and commenting upcoming changes and raising own requests.

One of the bigger contributions is the XML CH10 mapping in reply to the RCC change request CR31 where Data Bus Tools provided a specification proposal and a working prototype.