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FLIDAS has been designed to have a very flexible architecture. Therefore it is possible to adapt it to your specific needs.

In our experience almost every project has some areas that cannot be tested with standardized tools for example because protocol standards were used in a slightly different way than initially intended by their designers. To cope with this problem companies often develop their own testing tools. This requires a huge amount of work and sometimes specialized staff has to be found and hired.

We offer you to build on existing and tested functionality that we can adapt in the areas where it is really needed. This will give you a faster and cheaper access to the new tool than building it on your own. You will also benefit from future developments in FLIDAS without the hassle of maintaining your internal tool.

Here are some examples for possible individual adaptations that can be ordered:

  • Exporting of flight data to company internal file formats (for example to an avionic test system or to fit into an existing tool chain when you need to upgrade to IRIG 106 standard).
  • Visualization of higher level protocols running on the raw data streams in your flight recording.
  • Access to company internal ICD formats to decode raw data into engineering values
  • Interpretation of bus protocols that deviate from existing standards and can therefore not be used with commercial off the shelf tools.