IRIG 106 CH10 Sample Files

Customers are requesting test data from time to time. Often no public domain data is available. To overcome this some public domain test data has been converted to a valid CH10 file.

The original data is from a big number of recordings from a four engine short haul regional aircraft. The original data can be found on a NASA website. The data made available here is a flight from the 14th September 2001 from Mineapolis - Saint Paul International Airport to Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport. The flight itself lasts 1:30 hours while the recording is about 1:50 hours.

The data has been converted to ARINC 429 using standard parameter definitions for these equipments:

Not all available data has been converted but may be in further releases. The sampling rate of parameters is 16, 8, 4, 2 or 1 times per second.

The CH10 file comes with five FLIDAS ICD files describing the contained parameters. The files are CSV files so everyone should be able to read it and use the data also without FLIDAS. Note that the parameter length includes the sign bit. The data set also contains a FLIDAS ICD mapping file which associates the ICDs with the according Arinc 429 subchannels. Another part of the data set is a FLIDAS instrument panel file offering some visualization of the parameters using maps, attitude indicator, airspeed indicator etc. ICD mapping, ICD and instrument panel files are supposed to reside in the same directory.

For properly using the FLIDAS ICDs you need to make sure you use a "." as decimal separator. You could do this by using an English (US) localization for example (in FLIDAS: Window > Preferences > General > Locale) or adapting the CSV files manually.

For full functionality of the instrument panels you need at least FLIDAS 4.3 (commercial version including parameter support). Earlier version may work with restrictions.

You can download the dataset here (about 3-4 MB).

For those interested: The data was converted using the XML CH10 Mapping defined in the CH10 Programmers Handbook (RCC document 123-16) appendix P/Q (or RCC 123-20 appendix Q/R) and implemented even in the free FLIDAS version. The original Matlab data was extracted to CSV files. These were loaded from a custom Java program that created the XML file which was then converted to CH10 using FLIDAS.