FLIDAS System Requirements

The system requirements in short:

For more information or other older systems keep reading:

Most of FLIDAS is written platform independent. Only the GUI aspects are linked to specific operating systems. FLIDAS is officially available for Windows 10 or higher. Versions for other operating systems (especially Linux (X11 not Wayland)) can easily be provided on request (most of the time free of charge). You may use the free version to see if the GUI aspects work out in your environment.

To run FLIDAS officially a Java installation of at least Java 17 is needed. You will also need a 64-bit Java. Note that having a 64-bit Windows does not mean that your installed Java version is necessarily 64-bit. You might need to install a 64-bit Java in addition. If you don't know how to set it up, download the manual and check the installation chapter. Most Java is free and you can download it for example from www.azul.com or www.microsoft.com/openjdk. The typical installation just needs unzipping of an archive and no administrator privileges.

Note: A quick test was done on Windows 7 with Java 11 and no problems were discovered. You can try on your own risk and also report problems. Liability is however limited to Windows 10 or later and Java 17 64-bit or later.

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